Office 365 Smarthost

We realize that many customers that utilize Office 365 (o365) or hosted Exchange Online have interest in utilizing an external smarthost to deliver outbound email sent from the Exchange Online accounts. In this situation you would setup o365 to smarthost mail from the o365 service to the Sendmetric SMTP servers. This allows you to send all your email thru our Sendmetric service or even allows you to only send emails to certain destination domains that you are having deliverability problems with thru Sendmetric.

Ease of Implementation
Follow the detailed help guide to setup your o365 account to smarthost mail to us.

Simply plugin your Sendmetric account information in o365 with our SMTP server and enable TLS if you would like all traffic to be encrypted.

Nothing is as important as the security of your messages. Our smarthost service supports TLS encryption so if you enable the TLS option all messages that are sent from o365 are encrypted to our servers. Further we utilize TLS to forward the message to the recipient of your email if they support it.

Simple to Validate
Trusting a provider to smarthost your email is a big decision. With the way the o365 smarthost can be setup on the Microsoft end, you can easily test the smarthosting service we offer to only be used when you send email to a single or limited set of domains. This will help you validate the capabilities of our service before you decide to have email for any recipient sent thru our service.

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