Stop Outbound Spam

Built for Web Hosting Companies

Starting at $29/month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sendmetric Outbound Filter Advantages

Reliable Deliverability

Our scalable, global sending mail infrastructure provides you peace of mind your users good mail will end up at its destination while preventing spam outbreaks.

Easy to Implement

Our service is compatible with all standards compliant SMTP servers as well as common hosting control panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin & Plesk. Also compatible with Office 365.


End to end TLS encryption available which will allow for secure and encrypted communication from your mail servers to ours and from our mail servers to the message recipient.


Our multi-cloud global infrastructure is able to scale to meet the demands of our customers. We load balance traffic to our geographically distributed network of sending servers so you can always rely on your mail being sent.


You only pay for messages that are delivered to the end recipient. Everyone else charges you as soon as your message reaches their service. Why should you have to pay for a users spam outbreak?

Set & Forget

Our outbound SMTP spam filtering does all the heavy lifting to stop users from sending out spam while not rejecting good mail. You don't have to worry about IP reputations, blacklists or email deliverability.